KENNY WADE MARSHALL actor/singer/director
KENNY WADE MARSHALLactor/singer/director 

New York Theatre Reviews

"The cast is uniformly likeable, the standout being the villain Marshall with his screechy, maniacal laugh and hilarious ability to spray the entire company with his spit-heavy speeches."
~ Julia Furay,, Captain Gravy's Wavy Navy


"But it's Marshall, as "Duke of Dirt" Mu Pollu, who steals the show (as well as the moon). Spitting out his lines with a lisp and hitting shrill high notes when he sings, the actor makes a deliciously diabolical villain. His full-throttle rendition of "I'm a Little Stinker" provides a strong finale for Act I."
~ William Stevenson,, Captain Gravy's Wavy Navy


“A special shout-out must go to Kenny Wade Marshall as Spiros.  I haven’t heard songs belted out like that since Ethel Merman bodyslammed “There’s No Business Like Show Business” in the ‘50s” 
~ George Hunka,, SUV: The Musical!    


“Kenny Wade Marshall (as Spiros, a yes-man adman) steals the show on multiple occasions with both his singing (imagine Ethel Merman channeled by a short, middle-aged man) and his acting” 
~ Steve Holtje,, SUV: The Musical!    


“Kenny Wade Marshall turned in a hilarious set of wacky cameos as Old Adam, a Castrato, and the leather-clad toyboy of Duke Frederick”
~ Miranda Lundskaer-Nielsen,, All The World’s A Stage    


“The One exception is the always quirky Kenny Wade Marshall (of the improv troupe Rash Behaviour) who manages to tread water as the play sinks below him”
~ Neal Utterback,, An Evening of Semi-Autobiographical Self Indulgent Theatre    


“The chorus (Kenny Wade Marshall et all) tripling as pirates, daughters, and policemen, are outstanding: possibly the best ensemble in any musical on stage in New York right now”
~ Martin Denton,, Off-Broadway’s Pirates of Penzance Live-On-Deck!   


"Notable characterizations are given by Kenny Wade Marshall as Queen Pigsnarp/Billy Van Sandt."
~ Tess Gill,, Planet Samovar  

Regional Theatre Reviews

"As Nicely Nicely Johnson, Kenny Wade Marshall is terrific in all the musical numbers. “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat,” which he performs with the ensemble, is especially notable."

 - Kathy Isaac Luke, Union Democrat, Sierra Repertory Theatre's Guys and Dolls


"Kenny Wade Marshall nearly steals the show as Nicely Nicely Johnson, who belts out the gospellike number "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat.""

 - Lisa Millegan, Modesto Bee, Sierra Repertory Theatre's Guys and Dolls


"Kenny Wade Marshall is a hoot as Nicely Nicely.  It's during "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat" that Marshall steps up and sings to the rafters.  That number is a showstopper"

 - Mike Taylor, Sierra Lodestar, Sierra Repertory Theatre's Guys and Dolls


"Kenny is a comedian with a wide range of talent. He reminds me of Paul Lynde, Zero Mostel, Mel Brooks and Nathan Hale, with a little Jerry Lewis all rolled into one. Not only are his facial features elastic, his stage gyrations energetic, but his singing voice has a range that stretches to soprano and back."
- Wayne Kirkbride, Sierra Mountain Times, Sierra Repertory Theatre's The Big Bang

"Marshall has a fabulous voice (check out his falsetto) and is the most uninhibited comic. The funniest scene in the show is when he impersonates a Civil War Southern belle wearing a hoop skirt fashioned with umbrellas and long curls from gift ribbons. He's also great as a half-naked Eve and a sad Irish farmer wondering how he should cook his last potato."
- Lisa Millegan, The Modest Bee, Sierra Repertory Theatre's The Big Bang

"As Queen Nefertiti, Marshall proves a powerful talent, as his queen is the original demanding diva who’s bawdy as heck."
- Mike Taylor, Calaveras Enterprise, Sierra Repertory Theatre's The Big Bang


“But even if its overall excellence makes it hard to pick the star of the show, I had my favorite, hands down.  Unfortunately, it would ruin the pleasure of future audiences to reveal why I fell in love with Mary Sunshine (Kenny Wade Marshall), but I’m willing to bet you’ll do the same.”
~ Penny Starr, Island Packet, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina • Art Center of Coastal Carolina’s Production of Chicago: The Musical


“Kenny Wade Marshall is a delight as Mrs. Fezziwig and Mr. House”
~ Jane Holahan, New Era News, Lancaster, Pennsylvania • Fulton Opera’s Production of A Christmas Carol


“Kenny Wade Marshall delivers a fine performance”
~ Intelligencer Journal, Lancaster, Pennsylvania • Fulton Opera’s Production of A Christmas Carol

Directing Reviews

"Director Kenny Wade Marshall knows how to make Munson's intelligent script funny and all the Satan jokes new again"

- Kat Chamberlain,, Goebbels: One Night Only Live From Hell!, 2007 Bad Plays Festival Winner

Kenny Wade in the NEWS



I sing "Whatever It Takes" from the new musical "Top of the Heap".  On the podcast are the shows creators Bill Squires and Jeffrey Lodin along with our amazing director Neal Freeman.  I'm also joined by my fantastic co-stars David Perlman and Hollis Scarborough. 


You can download THE BROADWAY BULLET PODCAST by following this link:

BROADWAY BULLET VOL. 323 October 2009



KENNY WADE featured on PAGE 6 of THE NEW YORK POST for SUV: The Musical!

Sense of humor
"HOW funny is the new Fringe Festival show, “SUV: The Musical?” It’s so funny that even an executive at Ford Motor Corp., which is repeatedly ridiculed in the play over its behemoth-sized cars and trucks, called it “hilarious.” “My wife and I laughed out loud all night,” said Bill Collins, who works in Ford’s New York office. “The audience had a great time, too, seeing crash test dummies humanized and auto execs demonized.” Collins singled out the work of Kenny Wade Marshall, who plays at least four roles in the play written by The Post’s Gersh Kuntzman and musical genius Marc Dinkin. "

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